T3 Acts: The Keys and the Sword, Starter Pack

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$ 79.95

by Mark Hart

In this 4-part study, Mark Hart provides comprehensive teaching and commentary on the Acts of the Apostles. Teens will learn about the heroic moments, powerful testimonies, and daring adventures of the first Christians. This Starter Pack contains everything a leader needs to begin the T3 Acts Teen Bible Study, including:

1) 2-DVD Set (Four, 30 min. sessions)
2) Leader’s Guide
3) Student Workbook

Each student of the study should have their own Student Workbook and additional facilitators should have their own Leader’s Guide.

About T3 Acts:

T3 Acts: The Keys and the Sword equips teens with a foundational understanding of the main characters, doctrines, events, and journeys that make up this incredible “gospel of the Holy Spirit.” Your teens will forever be changed when they encounter the heroic lives of the holy men and women who dedicated their lives to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

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