Scripture in the Life of the Church

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by Tim Gray

During the period of the medieval synthesis of Catholic culture, it was commonly believed that there were three key books that contained all wisdom. The first book is the book of the soul, where God has imprinted on the imago Dei of every person a wisdom that we can only barely fathom after the fall. The second book is the book of creation, but again our ability to read the wisdom God wrote into the world is obscured by human sin. The third and ultimate book, according to many Doctors of the Church, is the Bible, and it is this book that opens once again the books of the soul and creation. Indeed, Scripture is the ‘Rosetta stone’ for deciphering the plan God has imprinted on the human person and etched in the very fabric of creation.

This talk will explore the ways that Sacred Scripture opens us up to ourselves and our world in ways that merely human wisdom cannot apart from the revelation contained in the Bible.

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