No Greater Love Online Study Bundle

$ 29.95

Start learning Dr. Edward Sri's deepest insights on the Passion today. Receive the best-selling book and workbook delivered quickly to your door.

Learn about ...

  • Allusions in Christ's Passion to Old Testament stories 
  • Christ's fulfillment of prophecies
  • Symbolism present in the Passion narratives
  • Mary’s role in Jesus' final hours
  • Differences in the Gospel accounts 
  • The significance of the tearing of the temple veil
  • The meaning of the last words of Jesus
  • ... and much more

Best-selling author Edward Sri guides viewers through the last hours of Christ's life. With these insights, Catholics can come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s immeasurable and unconditional love—drawing closer to Jesus than ever before. Filmed on location in the Holy Land, it is a biblical pilgrimage that reveals Christ’s amazing love for us. 

No Greater Love also features Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jeff Cavins, Jennifer Fulwiler, Curtis Martin, Teresa Tomeo, Fr. Josh Johnson, and Elizabeth Sri.

The Bundle Includes...

Instant Online Video Access to No Greater Love (available immediately after purchase)

Receive six months of access to the No Greater Love videos. The program includes five thirty-minute videos. 

Online video sessions help viewers understand 

  1. The Agony in The Garden
  2. Jesus' Arrest and Trial
  3. Jesus' Condemnation
  4. Jesus' Crucifixion and Death
  5. The Seven Last Word of Jesus
  6. The Resurrection (BONUS!)



Best-selling Study Book and Workbook

The No Greater Love book walks step-by-step with Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Mount of Calvary. Every step of the way, Old Testament prophecies, messianic expectations, biblical symbolism, and historical context shed light on the mystery of Christ's suffering and death.  (213 pages)

The workbook includes session overviews, preparation readings, study questions, responses, and talk notes that follow the presentations in the corresponding video series. (95 pages)


How Online Video Access Works 

Online video access will be available immediately upon purchasing this bundle. To begin viewing the study program videos ...

  1. Visit
  2. Log in to your account (same username/password as the account used to purchase the bundle.)
  3. In the upper right of the screen, click the "Your Dashboard" button. 
  4. No Greater Love videos will be available to view under the "Videos" section. 
  5. Access will last for 6 months from the first time the videos are viewed. (There will be a popup to confirm readiness to begin the program).

Do I need to join a group or purchase online credits?

Unlike other Ascension study programs, there is no need to join a group or get online credits to gain this online video access or to purchase this bundle.

How long does it take to go through this program?

This program includes five 30-minute videos, a 200-page book, and a workbook. While each participant will work at a different pace, we recommend you take your time in sitting with the important spiritual messages and insights in the program. Participants should expect 3-5 weeks to complete the program. This leaves ample time for personal prayer and reflection. 

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