Love, Relationships, and Responsibility: A Message for Teens

$ 24.95

by Christopher West

Audio CD Set

Christopher West was invited to speak at World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, and delivered this series of three talks to several thousand teens from around the globe.

If you are familiar with Christopher, you’ll instantly recognize the clarity, humor, and sensitivity he uses to bring Saint John Paul II’s life-transforming message of life, love, and sexuality to the youth of the world. The fast pace and high energy of this live recording is sure to engage even the most hard-to-reach teens.

In this four CD set, Christopher explains to the youth:

● The dignity and purpose of the human body.
● The difference between love and lust.
● How to overcome pornography, despair, and other issues plaguing our world.
● What it means to be created male and female and why this really matters.
● The keys to living a life of hope, freedom, and happiness.

Music on CD 3 performed live by Mike Mangione. Mangione Brothers Music, ©2008

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