Encounter: Experiencing God in the Everyday, Student Workbook

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This Student Workbook accompanies the eight lessons of the Encounter DVD series presented by Mark Hart. Included are lesson overviews, verses to remember, breaking-it-down segments, biblical maps, charts, and more. Each participant of the program should have a Student Workbook.

About Encounter:

Encounter: Experiencing God in the Everyday is more than a Bible study program. It is a life-changing experience that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of middle-school-aged kids. Designed specifically for 6th to 8th grades, Encounter uses the color-coded Bible Timeline learning system to reveal the story of our Faith and God’s plan for our lives. As your students are drawn into this story they will come to a new and profound understanding of who God is. Most importantly they will see God not as a distant doctrinal concept, but as a loving Father who desires a meaningful and lasting encounter with them.

Paperback, 56 pages.

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