Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation Starter Pack (Spanish) with English Leader's Guide and Student Workbook

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The Starter Pack provides all five resources a leader needs for the Chosen experience! It contains one DVD Set (with Spanish dubbing available), one Leader’s Guide (English), one Student Workbook (English), one Parent’s Guide (Spanish), and one Sponsor’s Guide (Spanish).

The 8-DVD Set provides twenty-four lessons (approximately 15-20 minutes each) with some of the most powerful and compelling speakers in the Church. Filmed on locations all around the U.S. and internationally, Chosen keeps teens’ interest with the right balance of faith, fun, and powerful vignettes that challenge their existing perspectives on the meaning of their lives and their ultimate call to holiness.

Videos in this set can be played in either English or Spanish (dubbed).

The Leader’s Guide (English) provides all the framework and content a catechist needs to guide the candidates on the journey to Confirmation. It contains an easy 10-step structure for every Chosen lesson, as well as a program overview, planning and scheduling resources, leader’s notes, and more.

The Student Workbook (English) provides the space for the Confirmation candidate to enter in and engage with the Chosen program, helping to reinforce the lessons given in the video presentation. It includes fill-in-the-blank questions, prayers, vocabulary, stories of saints, the Challenge of the Week, and more. The Student Workbook is also bundled with other necessary student components in the Student Pack.

The Parent’s Guide (Spanish) instructs parents in the integral role they play in their child’s Confirmation preparation, and its content provides an opportunity for them to revisit and rekindle their own faith. Specifically revised and edited for Spanish-speaking parents, the Parent’s Guide includes an overview of the parent’s role in Confirmation, guidelines for supporting their child’s journey of faith, and tips for talking with their child.

The Sponsor’s Guide (Spanish) not only instructs the sponsor on how to fulfill their role, but is an opportunity to revisit and rekindle their own faith. It includes an overview of a sponsor’s role, conversation starters, top ten Catholic questions that your candidate may approach you with, and more. The Sponsor’s Guide is bundled with other necessary program components in the Student Pack.

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