Bible Study Resource Bundle

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Now you can have all the essential Bible study tools for a more in-depth study of the Bible. This invaluable resource bundle includes Volumes 1 and 2 of The Bible Thumper apologetics tools, Then and Now Bible Maps, and The Great Adventure Color-Coded Catholic Bible Indexing Tabs.

Great Adventure Catholic Bible Indexing Tabs

These pre-cut, one-inch, self-adhesive tabs fit the pages of any full-size Bible and are a great way to help you quickly locate each book of the Bible. Included are color-coordinated tabs for each of the seventy-three books of the Catholic Bible, along with easy instructions for application. You just peel, position, and apply. No more searching for a particular book—just turn to the right tab! These tabs are a great way to help you quickly locate each book of the Bible and easily memorize the Timeline period colors as found in The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Learning System. These tabs can be used with any full-size Bible.

Bible Thumper (Volumes 1 and 2)

The Bible Thumper is a mini-concordance Bible verse finder with over 1,000 easy to access verses to help Catholics locate and explain the basic teachings of the Faith. Volume 1 covers Authority, Beliefs and Practices, and Salvation. Volume 2 covers Sacraments, Morality, and the Afterlife. Inside each are subtopics and references that help explain the teaching being discussed. This innovative resource is most useful when used with the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Each volume folds out to 33" and fits inside most Bibles. The Bible Thumper has been granted an imprimatur.

Then and Now Bible Maps

Now you can compare the places mentioned in the Bible with modern day cities and countries. Make Bible study even more interesting by showing where Bible places are today. Then and Now Bible Maps gives you full-color Bible maps with clear plastic overlays of modern cities and countries in this 20-page 8½" x 11" spiral bound book. This helps make your Bible studies more engaging by showing you where the places of the Bible are located today.

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