Be Blessed: Experiencing the Joy of the Beatitudes

$ 14.99

If the Sermon on the Mount is the crown of Christ’s teachings, then the Beatitudes are the crown jewels.

These eight powerful statements of blessing form a nucleus that is at the heart of the entire Catholic Faith. The Beatitudes are an invitation for Catholics to a deeper relationship with Christ and a loving relationship with others. They reveal the calling of each and every Christian, and provide a blueprint for fulfillment and a lasting happiness that only God can provide.

Thomas Smith’s study and book, Be Blessed, unpack the richness of these teachings of Christ in a way that is practical, compelling, and transformative.

  • Experience an intimate encounter with Jesus through the Beatitudes, which draw you closer to him
  • Discover God’s plan for humanity and his desire for our salvation
  • See how the Beatitudes are connected in beautiful ways to the spiritual and sacramental life of the Church
  • Learn how the Beatitudes provide a pathway for discipleship, happiness, and eternal life
  • Find a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in life, a purpose guided by the wisdom of the Eternal Son of God

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