Everything You Need to Start Reading Scripture.

The Word of God tells the story of salvation, but many Catholics do not understand this story when they sit down to read the Bible.

They don't understand Scripture because they don't know how to read it.

Luckily, we do.

We've developed a system for reading and understanding Scripture that's fully incorporated into our Great Adventure Catholic Bible and explained in further detail in an accompanying book called Walking with God.

These resources have helped thousands of Catholics finally find joy in reading the Word of God.

And for a limited time, we're offering the accompanying book to you for FREE with the purchase of a Bible.

These will give you everything you need to start reading Scripture and guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready to start your journey through Scripture?

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How Will These Resources Help Me Read Scripture?

Many Catholics don't know that it's hard to understand the Bible when reading it front to back.

This is because the Bible's narrative story is contained within 14 of its 73 books.

Reading the Bible makes the most sense when you start with these narrative books and understand the story before moving on to the additional 59 books.

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible fully incorporates a color-coded system that leads Catholics through Scripture according to this narrative approach.

It guides them through the 12 major time periods of salvation history and calls out the important events that happen along the way.

In addition, Walking with God explains how each time period contributes to God's plan of salvation for humanity.

These resources will give you the extra information you need to understand what you're reading in Scripture.


The Best Bible Ever

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Great Bible

"It's such a different Bible. It's one that you can better understand what's going on and get a better understanding of salvation history as a whole without a Bible being boring or cumbersome to read. Love this Bible!!!"

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Total Value: $81.90 / Your Price: $64.95

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