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How it Works:

  • Choose which study you would like to run below
  • Purchase a study set to get access to the online videos, as well as a digital version of the workbook.
    • The workbook will guide you through the study and help with small group conversation. It is an essential part of the program.
    • You will receive the workbook in the mail, but an online version is available so you can start your course immediately—with no delay.
  • Many sacramental prep and teen courses have online-only access as well
  • Check your email for an email from our partner Thinkific … we have partnered with them to provide you with this upgraded study experience!
    • In order to participate in this online study, you will first need to create a FREE account with them.
That's it! Your videos and an electronic version of the study workbook will be available to you online at ascensionpress.thinkific.com.

Tips For Remote Small Groups:

Link to learn more about Zoom: https://zoom.us/
Link to start a Google Meet session: https://meet.google.com/_meet
Link to learn more about Google Meet: https://support.google.com/meet/answe...
Learn more about Group FaceTime: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209022