Our Mission is to present the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith as the path to a fulfilled life and authentic happiness. We share valuable resources, create powerful media, and build communities to answer the longings of the human heart with the transformative power of the Gospel.

Core Values


We respect the opinions and God-given gifts of others. We put our collective talents toward the greater good, and we seek only the answer that is best – not the one that is our own.


Our communications with each other are honest and direct. We have the courage to speak our true thoughts freely and openly, even when it is difficult.


We strive to stay true to the words and actions of Jesus Christ and to live the teachings of the Catholic Church faithfully every day, With God’s grace, we aim to help others do the same.


We act kindly and respectfully toward one another. We affirm and support each person’s unique gifts, helping each other become our best selves and live in the example set forth by Jesus Christ.


We are driven by a passion to help people build their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We share the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith in all our interactions with others.


We prayerfully strive each day to bring our thoughts, words, and actions ever more in-line with the Catholic faith, and we acknowledge our dependence on God to help us in that endeavor.


We act joyfully and confidently in our daily work. When challenges arise, we maintain a positive disposition and encourage one another to seek the best solution.