One last question ...

Do you have a Bible that you love?

You've got the chart and a copy of Walking with God, so you're in very good shape already.
Before you go to checkout, we just wanted to see if you needed a Bible as well.
Not just any Bible. Not a "bookshelf" Bible that looks nice, but is a little clumsy to handle. Not a Bible with delicate, thin pages you'll worry about tearing as you're reading.
Do you have your Bible?
Do you have the Bible that draws you in and guides you? Do you have the Bible that just feels good in your hand?

Do you have a Bible that actually helps you read it? (Our Bible has the Bible Timeline system you'll read about in Walking with God built right into it.)
If you are looking for a Bible to ready every day, we think you'll love The Great Adventure Catholic Bible.
It's the most popular Bible in America. Quite simply, people LOVE this Bible:


Comfortable and beautiful
Angela on Mar 04, 2023
I have owned one for over a year now and it has become my go-to Bible for two reasons: First, I love the translation for everyday reading and for digging deeper. No confusing language while not being too simplistic. Second, this Bible as a book is so pleasant to hold, flip through, carry and look at. The quality is great, the cover is buttery soft leather, the pages are nice. The maps are very colorful. It has that good, flexible, binding and cover that together open nicely for reading, which is important to me in a book I'm going to keep forever.

My favorite Bible
Clark on Aug 16, 2022
I carry it everywhere in my (admittedly large) purse. I love it soo much. Great quality. Easy to find the books with the color coded tabs. So very well made. Lays open very well. Good binding. I even love the feel of the pages. Beautiful art at key events in Salvation history. I used color pencils to highlight the passages for the scriptural rosary, and the seven sorrows of Mary. It’s a Bible to live in that can take the wear and tear.

As you begin reading and learning more about the Bible, The Great Adventure Catholic Bible is the perfect fit.

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