Radical Communities

Radical Communities


Grow relationships. Build community. Restore the Church. 

The early church grew by leaps and bounds in a culture that despised them. The Roman Empire was not a hospitable place for Christianity, but Christians won over their neighbors by exercising hospitality. This is the heart of radical community.

Jesus tells us that we should throw banquets and invite people into your homes who can never repay you. The apostles took this literally, and made the breaking bread together almost as central as worship. Acts 2:42 sums it up: “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

We need to restore this sense of community. We need to devote ourselves again to fellowship and the breaking of bread with one another.

Ascension, the leader in faith formation, has developed a new and simple approach to get you started on restoring Christian fellowship.

Radical Communities provides the scaffolding so that you can invite a few friends, maybe a few neighbors, break some bread together, and learn a bit more about your faith. This is not your typical faith formation program.

Unlike everything else out there, the videos done by evangelist Mike Gormley, are all you need for the discussion.

My life was transformed on the first night of small group. The faithful witness of my small group members caused me to reach out and seek the Lord for the first time and He found me where I was. As the weeks went on I gained a comfort with faith-filled discussions, built a strong foundation, and found that I had something to say. It is the most important thing that I have ever done. –Brad R.

The point of Radical Communities is growing relationships, all around sound teaching.

Open an account. Invite a few friends over. Watch the videos. And enjoy the discussion questions. Devote yourselves to fellowship and watch as your Christian faith comes alive.

That One Thing

That One Thing

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