Theology of the Body: A Bold, Biblical Response to the Sexual Revolution

$ 9.95

by Christopher West

Audio CD

The Theology of the Body is a Biblical message that is intended for all Christians. This teaching, originally presented by Saint John Paul II, draws on over 1000 scripture verses concerning God’s original plan for marriage & sexuality and reveals how an understanding of this plan gives meaning to our lives.

In this talk given at an Evangelical church, Theology of the Body expert Christopher West delivers this life-changing message to an enthusiastic Protestant audience. Catholics and Protestants alike will benefit from this teaching as we strive to live out God’s plan for our lives.

Christopher West discusses:
● Why we were created male and female.
● How our bodies reveal God’s Mysteries.
● Puritanism vs. True Purity.
● How to truly satisfy our desires.
● Our origin, our history, and our destiny.
● The true meaning of life and how to live it.
● How marriage is a sign pointing us to Heaven.

This is THE talk to give to your Protestant friends and relatives.

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