A Quick Journey Through the Bible Spanish Language Edition

A Quick Journey Through the Bible Spanish Language Edition

by Jeff Cavins & Sarah Christmyer

This Spanish language edition of A Quick Journey Through the Bible provides the same content and format as the popular English edition. The videos include Spanish subtitles to the English audio while the study materials are provided entirely in Spanish.

A Quick Journey Through the Bible is an excellent way to launch a parish Bible study program or to build interest in adult faith formation. This simple, accessible program uses the Bible Timeline learning system to give people a useful framework from which to read and understand the Bible. Jeff Cavins takes a chronological walk through the Bible story in a way that reveals God’s plan for His Creation; what went wrong at the beginning; and how God worked through history to reconcile his lost children to Himself while building His kingdom.

Your Group Will:

  • See how the major people, places, events, and themes of the Bible fit together within the central story woven throughout Scripture
  • Learn the 12 major time periods of salvation history and the story told in the 14 narrative books of the Bible
  • Discover the six covenants God made with humanity, leading to the establishment of the Catholic Church
  • See how the 14 narrative books fit in with the other 59 books of the Bible
  • Learn how to use the color-coded tools to remember the important time periods of the Old and New Testaments
  • ...and much more!
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