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In 2021, Ascension brought the Bible back to millions of Catholics with The Bible in a Year podcast. With the USA’s #1 religious podcast, the most popular Catholic Bible, and best-selling Catholic Bible study, if you’re looking for biblical confidence, knowledge, and relationship, you’re in the right place.

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How It Works

Understanding the Bible Timeline is key to understanding the most popular Catholic podcast, Bible, and Bible study in the English-speaking world. If you’re looking to understand this breakthrough system, try one of the links below.

I only have 5 minutes

I can take a slightly deeper (10-ish minutes) look into this system

I’m ready to hear Fr. Mike and Jeff Cavins explain the whole thing in an hour!

Biblical Transformation

Looking to bring biblical transformation to your parish or family but not sure where to get started? No problem! Click one of the links below to see one way to get started.

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Bring The Bible Timeline to your family

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