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Exodus: Called to Freedom, Starter Pack

Exodus: Called to Freedom

by Tim Gray and Scott Powell

The Exodus can be viewed as the defining moment in Israel's history, for it was then that God called Israel out of slavery in Egypt and to a life of freedom as His people. Exodus: Called to Freedom looks through the lens of Christ and the Church to show that, more than just seeking to free His people from the domination of Pharaoh, God desired to free His people from the far more sinister tyranny of sin, so they could live the authentic freedom that belongs to children of God. Because of this, the Exodus story is not just Israel's story, it is our story as well; it tells us who God is and what He calls us to be.

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Your Group Will:
  • Learn the keys to authentic freedom.
  • Learn the personal significance of God's revelation of His name, "I AM."
  • Discover the divine purpose behind the plagues on Egypt as more than simply a demonstration of God's power.
  • Understand the importance of the Sabbath to God's people.
  • Discover that God's Law is in fact a reflection of God's love and concern for His people.
  • Learn how a proper understanding of the Exodus event can illuminate your understanding of the Christian Faith.

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