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Adult Bible Study

The Great Adventure is a unique Catholic Bible study program that helps you read, understand, and apply the riches of Scripture to your daily life.

Parishes around the world are finding renewed faith and increased involvement among parishioners whose lives have been changed by this exciting study series.

Where Do I Begin?

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible study program starts with getting “the big picture” that makes sense of the Bible and our Faith. Each study stands alone, but for best results we recommend the following sequence:

A Quick Journey Through The Bible
Now Available: Spanish Language Edition

If you're brand-new to Bible study this is a great place to start. Get “the big picture” with this simple and engaging introduction to the Bible. Presented in eight fast-paced sessions. For group or private study.

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Foundational Study Series

Catholic Bible Study Foundational Series

The Bible Timeline:
The Story of Salvation

The cornerstone of The Great Adventure. Presented in twenty-four in-depth sessions, this is full-immersion Catholic Bible study. Join the hundreds of thousands whose lives have been transformed by this revolutionary program.

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Matthew: The King & His Kingdom

Picking up where The Bible Timeline ends, Matthew shows how Jesus builds on the foundation of the Old Testament to inaugurate the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Presented in twenty- four sessions.

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Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom

The final step in our recommend sequence of study, Acts shows how the Church, Christ’s kingdom on earth, is empowered to carry out his work in the world. Presented in twenty sessions.

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Continue The Journey

Continue your journey through Scripture by studying individual books in light of the “big picture.”

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Life Application

Study biblical topics, themes, and learn to incorporate prayerful, meditative reading of Scripture into daily life.

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Bible Study Resources

Dive deeper with outstanding books, maps, charts, and other materials that enhance your Bible study.

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National Catholic Bible Conference

This annual event has attracted thousands of people from across the nation and around the world; all gathered together to learn how to read, understand, and proclaim Sacred Scripture.

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