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The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study is changing the way that ordinary Catholics relate to Scripture. This is the Catholic Bible Study that makes the complex simple.

Why a Catholic Bible Study?

Isn't Bible Study a Protestant Thing?

The Catholic Church gave us the Bible. It is the story of our family, told by the loving God who created us. We hear the Bible read at Mass, but often we wonder how those readings fit together. The Great Adventure helps you make the connection. It is a Catholic Bible study because it shows how the story that runs through Scripture is the story that grounds the Catholic faith. The Great Adventure helps you live your life in that story today.

Scripture: Let The Word Transform You
The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Catholic Bible Study Chart

The Complex Made Simple. (and it’s really fun!)

“Witty,” “exciting,” “transforming.” These are not the first responses you’d expect from people in a Catholic Bible study. But The Great Adventure presents the entire sweep of the Bible in a way that is easy to understand and genuinely fun. Its unique learning system has revolutionized Catholic Bible Study for hundreds of thousands of Catholics since 1995. Brilliantly conceived, The Great Adventure’s Bible Timeline uses multiple memory devices and supporting materials that make it not only easy to “get it,” but leave you wanting more.

Lives are Being Changed.

Developed and presented by a team of leading Catholic Bible teachers and scholars including Jeff Cavins, Dr. Tim Gray, and Dr. Edward Sri, hear some of the things people are saying from thousands of parishes in all fifty states and on six continents about The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study.
The Great Adventure, being faithful to Dei Verbum, is bearing much fruit in the Church today and contributing to a stronger, more informed laity. Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
Archbishop of Chicago