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Catholic Faith Formation that Works.

Ascension Press is a leading provider of Catholic Faith Formation programs. Our resources help the faithful of all ages to grow in both understanding and ability to communicate and live the Catholic Faith. In a word, our mission is Conversion.

Comprehensive and systematic, each of our faith formation programs explore the core elements of the Catholic Faith in ways compelling, exciting, and easily grasped by adults, teens, and children.

Whether it is energizing your parish, school, home, or needing to implement a program across an entire diocese, our faith formation programs are some of the most trusted and effective systems available in the Church today. We offer resources in the following categories...

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study

Catholic Bible Study

A powerful Catholic Bible study program for adults, teens, and kids. Changing the way that ordinary Catholics relate to Scripture.

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Chosen: Your Journey Towards Confirmation

Teen Faith Formation

Chosen is designed to offer teens a life-changing experience as they journey through their Catholic faith in all its richness and vitality. Chosen both catechizes and challenges teens to fully embrace a life in Christ.

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The Mass

Understand what we do at Mass and why we do it and (re)discover the true glory of the liturgy.

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Mary: A Biblical Walk

An extraordinary pilgrimage, revealing Mary's unique role in God's Kingdom and in our lives.

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Catholic Prayer

A Catholic prayer study program that will teach you the essentials of a fruitful prayer life.

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Study For Moms

8 Feminine Strengths to Help You Find Peace, Balance, and Joy in Your Vocation as a Mother.

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Theology of the Body for Teens

Teen Chastity

A comprehensive chastity program helping teens/pre-teens navigate social and spiritual challenges.

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Theology of the Body Faith Formation Materials

Theology of the Body

The teaching of John Paul II’s revolutionary message on the body and finding your purpose in life.

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Epic: Catholic Church History

Catholic Church History

A masterful, sweeping series on the history of the Catholic Church.
This is our family history.

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Pillars: Unpack the Riches of the Catechism


A groundbreaking series that unpacks the riches of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Joy Filled Marriage

Marriage Preparation

The transformative teaching of the Theology of the Body for couples preparing for marriage.

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Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide

Divorce Ministry

A program that brings healing and hope to divorced and separated Catholics. Divorced and separated Catholics will have their lives rejuvenated and their hope restored.

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Catholic Books and Pamphlets

Catholic Books & Pamphlets

We offer a wide range of best selling Catholic books and pamphlets for all ages.

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