Made for More

Made for More

by Curtis Martin

This title is no longer available at Ascension Press.


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A quick-to-read, broad answer to the question "why be Catholic?
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Curtis Martin does an excellent job in building up a case for Catholicism by posing and answering objections to Jesus, the historicity of the Bible, and the liturgy.
The book is not solely for non-Catholics, though; his chapter “Life in the Kingdom” is an excellent walk through the scriptural foundation of the seven sacraments that Catholics should know as well.
What might be a complaint about this book is, from one perspective, a great strength: it is brief. As someone the agrees with Curtis' answers, I made it through the book in one sitting, impressed by his simple list-objections-and-scratch-them-off approach. Where a thicker book might go unread, Made for More can be read easily.
Each point (for example, why we reject the argument that Jesus never died on the cross) is answered accurately but briefly. If a particular answer isn’t sufficiently convincing, that is only a reason to seek additional resources. Other offerings from Ascension Press (and other excellent Catholic presses, like Ignatius) would dig deeper into any particular topic.

Excellent & Clear on Faith & Church
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Curtis Martin has done an outstanding job of making a case for Faith in God (Scripture) and in sharing his journey to the Catholic Church. His work with College Young Adults has prepared him to write this clear and concise book that every person regardless of their Church involvement or level of belief should read. We are giving “Made for More” to our Adult Children and High School age Grand Children. Also recommending that it be required reading for youth Ministry, RCIA, Baptismal & Marriage Prep in our Parish…. Bob & Ethel Reber

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This title is no longer available at Ascension Press.

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